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Samsung Galaxy S II Makes its U.S Debut

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Samsung Galaxy S II T-MobileUSASamsung has announced that the Galaxy S II will be available with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile starting this Fall. The U.S launch follows in the footsteps of the success that Samsung witnessed with the overwhelming launch response the handset received in South Korea and Europe.

Samsung sold five million units of the Samsung Galaxy S II in just 85 days, making this the fastest selling handset Samsung smartphone ever. The Samsung Galaxy S II packs in the most advanced hardware and software in the industry today, with the sharpest display panel coming from Samsung’s own Super AMOLED Plus display, a dual-core processor, and a plethora of applications for maximum productivity.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be renamed under all the three network carriers, but all three sport an extremely thin form-factor and also they are incorporated with the Super AMOLED Plus displays, and also are 4G capable for blazing fast speeds in respective to downloads, multi-player gaming, and web-browsing.

There are many factors rooting for the Samsung Galaxy S II apart from the ease of multitasking, console-like gameplay, desktop-like web-browsing, etc.. These key factors could be attributed to:

Personalized Customisation

The overhauled Samsung TouchWiz UI just takes things a step-ahead by providing the user with fluid multi-tasking, app management, customizations and also it features Live Panel which provides a magazine-like widget view for instant access to weather, social updates, email, news, photo gallery and more, all of which are customizable on the home screen.

Users also get direct access to missed calls and text messages on the lock-screen, so the requirement of navigating through the menu is totally omitted.

Connectivity Galore

The Samsung Galaxy S II offers a wide-range of connectivity options, over regular Bluetooth. The Galaxy S II brings with it DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) by which the handset can connect virtually to any device supporting DLNA technology. This primarily helps in sharing the handset’s content on an HDTV without any wires or any hassle, just over the Wi-Fi network. Most Samsung devices are DLNA certified, such as laptops, HDTVs, and monitors.

The Galaxy S II comes with an in-built HDMI-out allowing for sharing of user-generated content or DRM protected Media Hub content on an HDTV.

Premium Features

The handset is incorporated with Samsung’s popular Media Hub, a movie and TV content service. The content service has added a new feature called Media Hub Show, allowing the user to playback Media Hub content on a TV through an HDMI cable connected to a Galaxy S II dock or HDTV Smart adapter accessory. User-purchased movies can be shared with up to five Samsung Media Hub devices at no additional charges.

“The unveiling of the Galaxy S II is a landmark achievement for Samsung, our carrier customers and consumers”, said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “Five million Galaxy S II smartphones have been sold around the world and that number increases every day. We believe the cutting-edge design, features and user experience of this innovative device will share the same level of success in the U.S”, he concluded.

These are just comes of the features that have made the Samsung Galaxy S II a fast-selling feature.

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