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Samsung Considering Acquiring WebOS from HP

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HP Palm TouchPad webOS reviewSEOUL, South Korea and PALO ALTO, USA – According to reports, Samsung is planning to acquire the WebOS platform from HP, and not its computer business.

On Monday it was reported that Samsung hired HP’s ex-vice president of marketing, Raymond Wah, to head the Samsung’s PC business. Reports also pouring in from notebook players that Samsung is considering the option to acquire the WebOS platform to give a head-to-head competition to Apple and Google.

The present scenario arises with the problem Samsung is having with Android at the moment, although the entire contributing factor of Samsung achieving the number 2 spot among global smartphone operating systems in the world goes to Google Android, the entire patent issue is a big threat to Samsung and its sales by lawsuits being filed by the minute by Apple and Microsoft. However, the patent issue should get solved after Google purchased Motorola Mobility and acquired a box-load of patents for itself.

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