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HP Shuts Down Palm WebOS Tablets, Smartphones

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HP Palm Veer webOS Need for SpeedPALO ALTO, USAHP was facing a troublesome situation in selling its Palm WebOS devices, and soon it needed to take a step. The step is taken, and HP has decided to wrap-up WebOS devices completely.

HP did not state any valid reason for the shutdown of the WebOS devices, and no comments were given on its decision. This news really took the technology industry by storm and sudden shock. This means that WebOS devices have been given a farewell for good, mind you only the devices, the OS should probably live and be used in some other way in which HP seems fitting. So we can hope that WebOS might just become a standalone operating system.

HP is more interested in WebOS as an OS concept, and less interested in devices. HP tried to throw in a hardware with the WebOS supporting it, but it just did not go HP’s way, as it soon realized that it will not work without a long-term commitment and massive investment. So it has just been less than year HP acquired Palm for a┬ástaggering US$1.2 billion, and WebOS faces a very hazy future.

Now it is very clear why HP had difficulties in confirming the availability of the Palm Pre3, possible situation, some other mobile manufacture picking up the WebOS platform and integrating it with its very own handset.

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