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Sprint Getting Motorola Pax Android Smartphone

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Motorola Pax SprintOVERLAND PARK, USAAndroid smartphones with a QWERTY keyboards still have their share of the market, and it is evident with the leaked images of the Motorola PAX, reportedly headed to Sprint.

The Motorla PAX is described as some experts as a Motorola XPRT on steroids, the main underlying reason could be the inclusion of a dual-core processor under-the-hood, and also the support for Sprint’s CDMA 1X Advanced Push-to-Talk system. It was only recently that Motorola launched the¬†Motorola¬†XPRT sporting only a 1GHz single-core processor manufactured by Texas instruments OMAP3 processor.

The form factor of the PAX is very Blackberry-like with half of the device covered with the display, and the other half is the QWERTY keyboard. The downfall of Android QWERTY could be due to the sheer lack of processing power these devices have, compared to powerhouses like the Samsung Galaxy S II, but with the Motorola PAX reportedly sporting a dual-core processor, and a little bump in the screen resolution will make this device a fitting business tool.

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