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HP TouchPad Gets Major Overhaul with 4G TouchPad

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HP 4G TouchPad Pre3 webOSPALO ALTO, USAHP TouchPad owners who are already looking for an upgrade similar to their WebOS tablets will be presented to an overhauled version.

A confidential HP product brief has outlined some of the salient features of the upcoming WebOS devices.

Somewhere in August a new white TouchPad will be making its way into the market with 64GB capacity and a processor overhaul. At this moment only the glossy-white TouchPad is going to get the bump in processor speed.

There are rumours doing the rounds of an all new 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor to make it under-the-hood of the TouchPad. Even the AT&T version is going to be there in August, and it will be dubbed as the 4G TouchPad, the brief report indicates about the 32GB version supporting the AT&T 4G HSPA+ network, and there is no huge boost to the specs compared to the existing 32GB TouchPad available right now, except for the radio addition.

Apart from this news, HP is looking forward to launch two more devices this fall, Opal and Pre3. The Opal, if remembered by readers, is supposed to be HP’s 7-inch WebOS tablet. This particular device made many appearances and played the hide-and-seek game equally well.

The Palm Pre3 is a device serious business talkers will be looking forward to, its release date is scheduled for fall 2011.

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