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Samsung Bada 2.01 Screenshots Leaked

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Samsung Bada 2.01 software updateSEOUL, South KoreaBada, an operating system developed by Samsung and incorporated on the Wave line-up is ready for its update soon with Bada 2.01.

We now have leaked screenshots with the update that will be making its way to the very recently launched Samsung Wave II.

The screenshots give a basic idea what to expect from the update, but frankly speaking the UI and icons look a tad bit uninteresting and really fail to impress and the UI feels very much close to the Samsung Monte.

The presence of the Music Hub icon in the screenshots suggests that the integration of the Hub will be included soon by Samsung. Some icons have received a facelift and resemble the Galaxy S II ones.

The Bada update is just around the corner, and soon Wave II users will be able to have a more detailed approach to the new user interface.

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