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Samsung Galaxy S II is also Attain, Within, Function

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Samsung Galaxy S II Attain Within FunctionSEOUL, South Korea – Samsung Hub has got hold of the names by which the Samsung Galaxy S II will retail in North America – Samsung Attain, Samsung Within, Samsung Function.

The last Galaxy S was extremely successful in the US market and was marketed under several names by the various carriers. A similar situation will exist this time round with the phone being picked by all the major US based carriers. The AT&T version of the phone is poised to be called the Samsung Attain while Verizon calls it the Samsung Function. The Samsung Within is what the smartphone will be named on Sprint.

Interestingly, design variation existed amongst the various Samsung Galaxy S models from carrier to carrier and these are evidently lacking on the SII. What this means is that all of them will look alike, and the Galaxy S II specs will not change.

The phone has not yet been announced for the US market, but readers may buy the Samsung Galaxy S II on Amazon, and a Samsung mobile focussed event on the 24th of May is to be held in the country.

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By , International Correspondent on May 22nd, 2011 GMT +2


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