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Nokia N9/N950 Hits the FCC

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Nokia N9 N950 RM-680WASHINGTON, USA – The long awaited MeeGo smartphone from the Finnish giant, Nokia N9 or Nokia N950, might finally be making its way to consumers.

Recent FCC filings have shown a Nokia branded device undergoing testing. The model number of the device is RM-680 which is known to be the Nokia N9. The images show the phone to be a QWERTY slider and resembles the previously leaked model. Currently the only Linux-based Maemo 5 smartphone from the manufacturer, the Nokia N900, can be bought from this link.

While there are no details about the processor specifications of the phone , it is known to be capable of six bands along with pentaband 3G. This would mean that the N9 has some one of the best connectivity standards amongst any mobile. Whether the device will be running a vanilla build of MeeGo or a Nokia customized version is still not known but with the upcoming MeeGo conference some more details should be unveiled.

Meanwhile, reports on Twitter suggest that an ad agency by the name of Arguelles has begun shooting a commercial for the Nokia N9, which further lends to the thought that the phone might be on its way sooner than expected.

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By , International Correspondent on May 14th, 2011 GMT +2


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