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AT&T Rep Claims No iPhone 5

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iPhone press conference Steve JobsDALLAS, USA – We’ve heard time and again that the next generation iPhone 5 will launch later than expected – now confirmed by an AT&T representative.

It is believed that the phone will be announced at the annual September iPod focussed event. Reaffirming this information comes news from a customer service representative over at AT&T , the official GSM carrier for the Apple iPhone.

A reader over at MacRumors noticed a change in the eligibility for upgrade date by over five months. On calling the AT&T customer support to inquire about said change he was told that Apple would not be launching a new iPhone in the June-July time frame this year. Hence there has been a change in the upgrade schedules. Customers can currently opt to buy the iPhone 4.

While the news does not give us any concrete dates for the launch of the new phone we are now almost certain that it will not be launched this summer.

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By , International Correspondent on May 6th, 2011 GMT +2


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