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Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila to Step Down Next Year

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Jorma Ollila Nokia chairmanESPOO, FinlandNokia Chairman Jorma Ollila is expected to step down from the post of Chairman sometime next year.

Ollila is well known for having led Nokia to become the largest phone manufacturer in the 90s from its TV manufacturing roots. He recently addressed shareholders at the annual conference where he admitted that the last year has been particularly tough on Nokia and it might be so for another year.

He is known to be the last of the managers who took the company to the top of the mobile phone market share. He is also known for making some mistakes in judgement which have cost the shareholders several million dollars.

The company’s latest Symbian^3 smartphone can be purchased by customers by following this link to buy the Nokia E7.

Ollila’s main folly is believed to be the failure in recognizing the threat posed by new entrants including Apple and Google. The two now stand above Nokia in the smartphone marketshare and are expected to overtake the Finnish manufacturer in sales volume as well.

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By , International Correspondent on May 6th, 2011 GMT +2


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