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Motorola Atrix Launches in UK with Orange

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Motorola Atrix 4GBRISTOL, UK – Powerful Android smartphone Motorola Atrix is all set to debut in UK, with Orange in its nation-wide store and online shoppe.

The ATRIX from Motorola has all the features a desktop computers sport, and makes users juggle with your work in no-time at all.

The device is deemed to be the future of mobile computing, it features a dual-core processor for uninterrupted computing capabilities, and also it helps out to iron the lag, that many of the smartphones face. It sports the Motorola webtop application that runs a full-fledged Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser with the integration of Adobe Flash Player, complete with viewing of rich graphics, animations and videos on Flash enabled websites. In a test the ATRIX was able to load up web-pages twice as fast as other smartphones in the same league.

Added features in the smartphone include a biometric fingerprint scanner for easy unlocking. Readers may following this link to buy the Motorola Atrix.

“ATRIX empowers people by giving them new ways to stay connected, informed and entertained at home, at work and anywhere in between,” said Andrew Morley, vice president of marketing, international markets, Motorola Mobility.

Motorola has also developed two accessory docks for the ATRIX that take handsets entertainment and productivity to an all new level. Orange is offering the Motorola Atrix for free as an exclusive launch offer, with a £35 per month contract for two years that includes 600 minuets, 750MB data allowance, unlimited texts, 50 MMS, and unlimited Wi-Fi usage per month.

Existing Orange subscribers upgrading to the Motorola ATRIX will get the Work and Play Kit for free if purchased within May of this year.

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