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Android Leads in Number of Free Apps

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Distimo report logoUTRECHT, Netherlands – Analytics company Distimo has revealed that Android is now the leader in terms of maximum number of free applications in app stores in comparison to iOS, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

According to Distimo, the Android Market stocks 134,342 free applications in the store – readers may buy Android smartphones following this link. This is in comparison to the 121,845 free apps on iTunes for the iPhone. However, it is believed that the applications on Apple’s App Store offer a better user experience in comparison to those in the Android Market. On the other hand, Android does not restrict developers from any type of apps and gives them complete freedom in application development.

Android app development is also expected to increase rapidly with reports that it is about to cross one million activations per day. Distimo expects Android to surpass Apple to have the largest application store in just a space of five months.

Reports show that in comparison to competing App stores, Apple’s store has significantly slowed down in growth and prices for apps are increasing. This might be due to the 30% developer fee that Apple charges.

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By , International Correspondent on May 5th, 2011 GMT +2


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