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BlackBerry Updates Operating System Names, Functions

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BlackBerry OS6 Torch 9800WATERLOO, Canada – Reports are surfacing about the state of the BlackBerry operating systems that are soon to be released. We have been expecting an upgrade to the current OS 6.0 for new devices, the PlayBook to be called OS6.1, and that it would be from the QNX side of RIM.

It looks like things are changing. Instead of OS 6.1, we will probably see BlackBerry OS7.0, and it will not be from QNX.

BlackBerry World kicks off this week, so most of this might come clear. OS 7.0 revs up the new family of BlackBerry devices that have more memory and processing power. If one were to follow what has gone on in the PC operating system world, with ever more complex software growing and driving more powerful processor development, the parallel is clear. BlackBerry is trying to compete with Android and Apple devices that are a bit ahead. More complex software means more computing power and faster speeds to keep up.

BlackBerry device users have been waiting for a significant upgrade to match the competition, the QNX acquisition by RIM was to improve its OS. It looks like the first QNX OS we will see is going to be BlackBerry OS8.0. BlackBerry is also looking at an OS 6.1 light version that could be applied to current generation devices that already run OS 6.0.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on May 2nd, 2011 GMT +2


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