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Vodacom Doubles Network Speed to 43.2mbps

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Vodacom South Africa red logoMIDRAND, South AfricaVodacom has officially unveiled its updated double speed mobile network in South Africa. The network now provides speeds of up to 43.2mbps.

Over 1000 cellphone towers across metropolitan areas in the country have now been activated to support this SuperMobile technology. The number of upgraded towers will increase to 2000 by the end of May. The doubling of speed is not the only improvement however as the cellphone towers will now also have 20% more capacity resulting in reduction in call drops and a decrease in network congestion.

Vodacom Chief Technology Officer Andries Delport says that the primary goal behind the upgrade was to improve customer experience and that the doubling of speeds was just a side effect. Andries also said that implementation of SuperMobile technology was just one of the steps lined up for the future.

Vodacom plans to further increase network capacity and speeds while keeping prices for consumers at current levels.

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By , International Correspondent on Apr 22nd, 2011 GMT +2


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