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Galaxy S II Specs Confirmed: Exynos Chip, Quad-Band 3G

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Samsung Galaxy S II Clove UKLONDON, UK – Clove has managed to confirm the UK specs for the Samsung Galaxy S II, which will now bring an Exynos chip and quad-band 3G connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2, a version that was presented at the Mobile World Congress 2011 uses an appropriate 1GHz dual-core processor, but Samsung wants more and it announced that it is going to upgrade it to 1.2 GHz. Further, having spoken to the UK Product Manager for the same smartphone, sources can confirm that UK stock will ship with the following: a Samsung dual-core Exynos CPU (not Nvidia Tegra 2),  support for 3G frequencies 850, 900, 1900, 2100MHz, a Super AMOLED Plus display, and inside the box a handset, battery, charger, USB cable, headset and a quick-start guide.

Regarding the April release of the Samsung Galaxy S 2, Samsung said that the release will be made gradually, so it will not be released on all markets in the same date.

Samsung Galaxy S II specs

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By , International Correspondent on Apr 18th, 2011 GMT +2


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