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More Information Released on BlackBerry Development Tools

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BlackBerry Playbook tablet simulator developerWATERLOO, CanadaResearch In Motion has released further information regarding the recent announcement of its plans to have the BlackBerry PlayBook and smartphones that operate on OS 6.x accept apps built for Google Android and the Java environment.

The plan is to use an application player to handle the interface between the foreign app and the native operating system. This opens the Android library to PlayBook users, a big boost to the device and its marketability. It is inevitably compared to the iPad, with the App Store behind it. Android has had very good market success, with Google as the driver, and very large library of apps that rivals the iPad. Combining the power of the Android with the business acceptance of BlackBerry devices may give the PlayBook a chance to succeed in the marketplace.

RIM is pushing developers to the BlackBerry WebWorks platform to work on the applications and integration to the PlayBook. The two other tools that are available for developers allow Adobe Flash apps to be generated for the PlayBook, and full tooling support for C++ development.

“Going forward, we will continue to evolve our various development technologies to deliver the most powerful, flexible and open experiences for developers whether they choose to build with HTML5, Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, or native C/C++. And for those developers using our BlackBerry platform tools, we will continue to offer access to a growing set of on-device API’s to enable best-in-class integration with core BlackBerry applications and features (which we call “Super App” experiences). We are also planning to provide a range of advanced cloud-based services including the BlackBerry Payment and Advertising Services, advanced location-based services, application analytics, and powerful Push services,” said Jim Tobin Senior Vice President of the Software, Services & Enterprise Markets Business Unit.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Apr 14th, 2011 GMT +2


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