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Music Unlimited Announced for Xperia Play

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Sony Music UnlimitedSTOCKHOLM, SwedenSony’s Music Unlimited has been included for the Android powered Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

The Xperia Play is much anticipated for its gaming features which look to impress. However, what would a device be without music programs. While there are a number of free music apps such as Pandora and Slacker Radio and subscription services such as Napster and Rhapsody available, Sony is releasing Music Unlimited on the Xperia Play.

Customers with a Playstation 3 will be familiar with Music Unlimited as it has been available for a few months on that device. It is exactly what it says, unlimited music. For around ten dollars a month you can stream all the music your heart desires.

The big question with this announcement is if this is going to be an exclusive for Sony Ericsson users or if this will eventually show up in the Android Market for all users to try.

Music Unlimited should be preloaded on the Xperia smartphone at launch time or available via a download.

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