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Acer CEO Gianfranco Lance Resigns

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Gianfranco Lanci Acer CEO PresidentXIZHI, Taiwan – The CEO and President of Acer has resigned. Gianfranco Lanci has stepped down according to a statement released before the weekend.

Differences in strategies for the company seem to be the reason for the split. The board of directors from Acer and Lanci could not agree on key factors such as brand position enhancement, resource allocation, scale, growth, customer value creation, and methods of implementation.

Acer chairman JT Wang will take over the vacant position. In a statement he goes on to say that Acer will cautiously invest in the mobile computing sector. If this was the disagreement that the board of directors and Lanci had, Lanci might have been right. Mobile computing, such as tablets, are the future of the industry.

Acer, however, seems to want to stay firmly planted in the PC market and move slowly in to the mobile market. This may be a mistake for Acer but only time will tell.

Acer Iconia Smart specs

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