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BlackBerry Touch-Monaco-Monza Video Leaks

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BlackBerry Touch Monza MonacoWATERLOO, Canada – A new video showing off RIM’s latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Touch, Monza or Monaco, has surfaced. The video shows off the new BlackBerry OS this device runs.

The video is fairly short at only 27 seconds but shows off a few features of the OS. The device is very nice looking with a large clear display. As far as the OS goes, in the video, it features a fairly standard layout.

The reviewers launch the app drawer and show the app list which is all fairly standard as far as smartphone user interfaces go. The most important aspect the video shows off is how smooth and responsive the BlackBerry OS6 is especially in comparison to earlier versions of this touch based OS that was original seen on devices like the Storm.

The BlackBerry Touch still doesn’t have an official launch date but should be popping up soon.

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