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Nokia E6-00 Details Leak

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Nokia E6-00ESPOO, Finland – The Nokia E6-00 has been leaked over the web several times recently. However, much detail wasn’t known about this Symbian powered device but now some new details and photos have appeared.

The E6-00 is a thin device, much like the Nokia E7, and includes a removal battery. It also features a 2.5 to 3.0 inch 4:3 touchscreen display, an 8 MP camera, and runs a modified version of the Symbian^3. The body is what you would expect from a business smart phone with full QWERTY in plain view and several soft keys right below the screen.

The device looks like a nice addition to the Nokia family of business phone but will face a lot of competition from Android, Apple, and of course RIM’s BlackBerry series.


The release date of the smartphone and pricing information are still unknown.

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