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Nokia CEO Elop to Get 13m Euro Bonus if Deal Succeeds

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Stephen Elop Nokia CEOESPOO, FinlandNokia’s CEO Stephen Elop is in line to get a 13 million Euro bonus if the Microsoft-Nokia deal becomes a success.

Many around Nokia have began with conspiracy theories about the Microsoft and Nokia deal. They claimed Elop was setting Nokia up for failure so the company would be destroyed and easily be bought out, most likely by Microsoft. The rumors were that Elop was just Microsoft’s in and they set him up to make millions if his company fails.

Elop looks to make a handsome reward if the deal goes as planned. There are different intensives for him depending on how well the deal goes.  Worst case for Elop, he will receive no new shares of Nokia and actually lose 1 million Euro.

However, judging by the recent projections that were released showing Windows Phone 7 as the second leading platform behind on Android by 2015, I would feel pretty good if I was Mr. Elop. The deal shouldn’t really hurt Nokia any as it was already bleeding market share and customers. The new devices will be on the cutting edge and on a platform users actually want to use.

Factor in that business users will naturally be drawn to a phone software that is designed by the same manufacturer as most of their in office software and it looks like Elop has a bright future with a big paycheck coming his way.


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