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Apple Files 3D Technology Patent – for iPhone 6 3D?

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iPhone 6 3D capture patentCUPERTINO, USAApple recently filed a new patent for 3D content capture. The new technology is slated to use the iPhone, probably 6 or later, to capture 3D pictures and video.

Apple’s technology is designed to use hardware to capture the images or video to make it higher quality than current 3D capturing methods. Most of the current technology or technology being built in to many new devices, relies heavily on software to put the 3D images together in order to give the illusion of depth to the human eye.

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The way Apple’s technology is slated to work would be to have the hardware do all the image mapping and shifting resulting in a much higher quality image with better 3D visuals.

The patent was just filed so the technology for this will most likely not be included in the iPhone 5 as Apple likes to perfect technologies before using them. It may, however, appear in the iPhone 6 or Apple could decide to release an iPhone 3D as seems to be the trend right now.

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