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TouchWiz 4.0 on Samsung Galaxy S II

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Samsung Galaxy S II press imageSEOUL, South Korea – The Samsung Galaxy S II has been a buzz on the net for sometime now. The Android smartphone looks great and has some impressive specs.

Hardware aside, the new TouchWiz 4.0 user interface looks very nice. The UI overlay written by Samsung has a lot of new features as well as some old favorites. The widgets are live panels which update based on things you use the most like social network apps or games. These are now movable and more customizable. The widget drawer that appears on the bottom of the screen when adding a new widget is also much cleaner looking and has some neat little animations.

The best part of the new TouchWiz UI is the gesture movements. One example of this is if you hold the device with two fingers pressing the screen while in the web browser and move the device towards or away from you, the web page will zoom accordingly like you are moving a piece of paper closer to or farther away from your face. It may not seem like a huge deal but it is a nice feature that may get a lot of use. The other gesture based control they showed off is that while adding widgets you can actually move your phone to the left or the right to change which home screen you are on.

Look for TouchWiz 4.o on the Samsung Galaxy S II which is expected to release sometime this summer.

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