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BlackBerry Monaco, Monza, Torch – Next Series for RIM

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BlackBerry Touch Monza MonacoWATERLOO, Canada – In January, RIM leaked news of a new smartphone in their upcoming Touch series, to be known as the BlackBerry Monza, Monaco or Touch . The device is powered by BlackBerry OS 6.1 and are code named Monaco for Verizon customers and Monza for all GSM customers.

The device is thin and sleek feature a large touch screen. Missing is RIM’s trademark keyboard for a touch based experience. The OS blown up on such a large touchscreen looks very nice and similar to Windows Phone 7.

It features all the great features that have drawn business users to BlackBerry for years. A new feature though is that the user will need a BlackBerry ID to login to the system. It’s expected that this will use a cloud like system, much like Android, which will back up contact and app data which will make switching devices much easier.

The Monaco/Monza is expected to launch under the BlackBerry Touch name. Rumor had them possibly being under the BlackBerry Storm namesake but this might be a turn off for some customers as the Storm series was not received very warmly.

RIM is expected to announce this smartphone with a slew of others in May at BlackBerry World 2011.

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