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BlackBerry Operating System Future Not Clear

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WBlackBerry OS7 roadmapATERLOO, Canada – Earlier this week reports surfaced on the release of an updated operating system for BlackBerry smartphones, OS 6.1.

It was touted as a “major upgrade” for the OS6.0 that will make it more competitive with the iPhone and Android, but only for devices that are already using OS6.0, OS 5.0 users are left behind. OS 6.1 was to be the first implementation of the QNX based system for non-tablet devices.

Rumors are heard that the QNX implementation will actually be in the Highlander version due out in 2012. RIM expects to consolidate on a single OS for all devices with the 7.0 Highlander release, this is the “there can only be one” theory. This means that the tablet experience will be very close to the traditional device experience and vice versa.

The developers are said to be struggling with leaving behind some features of the OS that are popular with users, and move ahead with the QNX core development to provide a new and more graphically entertaining and intuitive interface.

BlackBerry OS 6.x is really a 10 year old system with incremental improvements. RIM is sensing it’s time for a major change, and we could be only a year away from it.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Apr 2nd, 2011 GMT +2


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