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Japan Natural Disasters Cause Lithium Ion Battery Shortage

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iPod battery screenshotIWAIKI CITY, Japan – The tragedy that struck Japan on March 11th is causing a shortage of lithium ion batteries that are used in Apple’s iPods.

The report does not mention details about the iPad, iPhone or any of Apple’s computers but one would believe the devices most likely get their power supplies from the same factory.

Kureha Corp is the leading manufacturer of PVDF, or polyvinylidence fluoride, which is crucial in the making of these batteries. The company has factories in China and America but neither of these factories produce PVDF. Plans to have these plants manufacture PVDF in the future were in the works but may be put on the fast track due to the disasters.

It remains to be seen if this will cause any major shortage of lithium ion batteries for Apple products.

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