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Google, LG Rumored to be Working on Nexus Tablet

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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs HTC Flyer tabletMOUNTAIN VIEW, USA and SEOUL, South Korea – Rumor has it that LG and Google are working on a pure Android 3.0 Honeycomb Nexus tablet. The tablet would be in line with the Nexus series of phones and would most likely carry its namesake.

According to the rumor, LG is the only manufacturer that would agree with Google’s terms on producing this tablet. With pure Google devices, Google gets most of the control. They develop the latest version of their Android OS and custom pick the hardware to utilize the software. Google also tends to release Android updates to these devices first, which is why the Nexus and Nexus S already have Gingerbread.

The tablet would definitely be  feature packed and have great specs. It would most likely feature a much more polished Honeycomb as well making sure to work out any current bugs.

The logically release date for this Nexus tablet would be sometime before the holiday season of 2011 but not many details, or even if this is a real device, is known yet.

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