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Quad-Core Xoom Tablet Coming Later This Year

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Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-coreSCHAUMBURG, USA – Rumors have been flying about Nvidia’s sequel to the Tegra 2, the Tegra 3, and a possible Motorola Xoom quad-core tablet. The Tegra 2 is, arguably, the fastest processor on the market right now.

Nvidia though isn’t taking a break and working to pump out there new 3 generation chip. The new processor is believed to be a mobile quad-core processor. There are already a lot of skeptics blasting dual-core processors that software needs to be designed to utilize a dual core so one can only imagine a the reception a quad core would receive.

Critics aside, this chip set should be a powerhouse and the first manufacturer rumored to be using this chip is Motorola. Rumors are that Motorola is slaving away at another tablet and are going to put this quad core in it. The tablet may be a sequel to the Motorola Xoom under the same branding but it’s still too soon to know for sure.

The Nvidia Tegra 3 should be available to manufacturers sometime in Q3 and the new tablet from Motorola may be hitting retailers around September of this year.

Motorola Xoom specs

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