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Run Moto Run with Sanjay Jha!!! (MOT:NYSE)

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As we know, from the news Meraj published some months ago, Motorola will split the company into two new. The new thing right now is that we are having some advances in this “spin off” which is making moving higher MOT stocks.

In the past months investors were concerned about these splitting propose, so then, the stocks went lower. Now, many of them might be seeing an opportunity for a rally of the stocks, because most of splits are preceded by a rally (not in a bear market, but that’s fine). Also, results were above expectancies.

Today, we also saw a new gap, leading the stocks trough a new high, very close to 10$ a share, while

Motorola reported that Sanjay Jha, actual Qualcomm’s former operations chief, will become co-chief executive officer with Greg Brown. Jha will run the handset unit, which accounts for 41 percent of revenue and hasn’t had a hit since the best-selling Razr, introduced in 2004. He will have a difficult job, but certainly he will be paid enough to rise revenue and profits. :mrgreen:

The market loved the news today, and they gap higher. Tomorrow we will find if MOT can surpass the resistance at 10$.

I am attaching a chart showing my day trading with MOT today. The chart is a “1 minute” one. Nice profits overall at MOT. In fact, the money I made with MOT I lost with other trade :evil: That’s life, that’s the market!

Here is a nice post about the big flood of searches on Google with the name “Sanjay Jha”. All of them found a Sanjay Jha….

PS: The Nokia trade remains open!

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By , Financial Director and Correspondent on Aug 4th, 2008 GMT +2


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