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HP Veer Release Date Announced

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HP Palm Veer webOS Need for SpeedPALO ALTO, USA – The HP Veer was recently confirmed to be launching at some point in May. O2 confirmed via Twitter, in German, that the webOS powered device would be launching soon.

The HP Veer is the successor to the Palm Pixi, Palm being owned by HP now. The Veer features a small 2.6 inch multi touch screen with a slide down QWERTY keyboard. It features a 5 MP camera and an 800 MHz Qualcomm processor.

The phone is running the relatively new webOS so software support may be a bit lacking. And with a 2.6 inch screen, the device seems more geared towards soft phone users rather than an all-in-one device. The processor is quite nimble for a device that probably won’t see much video media usage so it might be a great fit for a hardcore texter and/or social media fanatic.

This device is set to hit the German market in May. It will most likely be available in most parts of Europe as well around the same time. No word on pricing or a U.S. release date yet.

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