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Apple’s New iPad2 CPU Put to the Test

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iPad 2 Apple A5 vs Motorola XoomCUPERTINO, USAApple’s new iPad2 features an impressive list of upgrades. The most exciting to most techies would be the new processor. The Apple A5 is the successor to the A4 processor and was expected to be twice as fast as the original.

The GPU, or graphics processing unit in the new iPad is made  by Imagination Technologies and is the PowerVR SGX 543MP2. The unit was talked up in the initial iPad2 commercials offering 9 times better graphics power. These claims were recently put to the test via a series of bench mark tests.

How did the new GPU stack up is pretty impressive but not quiet the bench mark Apple had set for it. The GPU out preforms the original iPad by leaps and bounds. The bench mark test show that it is anywhere from 2 to 5 times faster than the original GPU varying on the complexity of the test. The harder the graphic test, the bigger the gap between the two became. The new GPU was also benched mark against the Motorola Xoom. The latter tablet was about half as fast on most the benchmark test but failed on a particular test dealing with fill rate on texture fetch.

The new GPU is impressive indeed but may fall a bit short of the initial Apple claims. However, the new iPad is only days old and more and more bench marks are sure to be released. The iPad 2 is available now at retailers everywhere.

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