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BlackBerry Playbook Video now Available

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BlackBerry Playbook tablet hands-onWATERLOO, Canada – A nearly 12 minute video on the BlackBerry Playbook demonstrating a walk through its features and benefits has been posted by CrackBerry.

The wait feels like forever, we are about a month away from public release so more demo versions are becoming available, therefore, more videos are popping up around the net. Few are as in-depth as this one.

The walk through includes some game play, YouTube video playback, some business tasks, and a look at some applications. The device performs admirably, the reviewer is quite pleased as you can hear in the video presentation. The YouTube video played smoothly and the quality, as could be determined through the web link, is pretty good. Any videos that are loaded on the device play with excellent quality, smoothly.

Tetris was demonstrated with very smooth graphics, and the game play is controlled by swipes and finger moves. The driving game, controlled by turning and tilting the Playbook, was very responsive and again, smooth graphics.

All of these apps were open at the same time, giving the viewer an indication of what the multitasking device is capable of. They also show all sides of the device in scale, buttons and switches are identified, and an interesting label on the back has “QNX R&D” prominently displayed

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Mar 15th, 2011 GMT +2


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