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Apple Changes In-App Purchase System

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iOS4.3 iconApple has changed its in-app purchasing system for iOS 4.3. Apple came under fire after some customers were hit with large bills after their children had racked up charges from games they were playing.

One click paying seems nice when buying apps from any app store. The ease and speed makes it easier to buy apps and makes us more likely to pay for something if we do not need to input passwords or sensitive information every time we want to make a purchase. However, this very convenience can run charges up rather quickly and with no warning.

Recently, game developers will release games for free but charge for items in game. Some of these games are aimed at a younger crowd which makes it hard for the player to understand the real world value of these things. Parents became concerned with this very practice as they would download an application or game for their child to play to end up with a huge bill. Many of these parents voiced their concerns with Apple so Apple has changed how you can make in app purchases.

Now a user must enter the account password every time an in app purchase is made. This system keeps not only parents and kids safe, but also Apple and developers as these charges should no longer be disputable since the password needs to be entered.

This is a nice change to the way in app purchases is made benefits all involved with it and is now available through the iOS4.3 update.

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