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Samsung Launching First Gen Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi Only

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Samsung Galaxy Fit vs Tab vs AceSEOUL, South Korea – Samsung is planning on releasing the first generation of the Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi only on April 4th. The Android 2.1 based tablet did not fair very well when it was released as a 3G version.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was a great piece of hardware on paper but never really stood a chance against the iPad. In addition, it seemed that every tablet that was sold ended up getting returned. It was a rough start for the first major Android based tablet.

Well before the second generation of Galaxy Tab units hits the market later this year, Samsung is reissuing the first generation minus the 3G. This might be a desperate attempt to move some old inventory and sell some of these devices before the new breed comes out. However, this release comes around the same time the Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom is scheduled to be released.

Even the most uneducated consumer can spot the differences between a 7-inch Galaxy Tab and the 10-inch Motorola Xoom. Not to mention the software difference of the Xoom running tablet specific Honeycomb 3.0 and the Galaxy Tab running the meant-for-phones Android 2.2.

Samsung will test the waters again on April 4th with this Wi-Fi only tablet set to sell for US$399. If the major price drop will help the tablet sell a few more units remains to be seen.

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