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Apple Rejects NFC in Next iPhone

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NFC Near Field Communications logoCUPERTINO, USA – Apple has gone on record to state that the next installment of the iPhone will not include NFC. Apple is believed to be working on their own NFC project but at this point and time have made the decision to leave it out of the iPhone 5 build.

NFC, or near field communication, is a way that your phone or device can communicate with other NFC devices. This technology allows you to sync to other nearby phones to share data or even use your phone as a payment option. The latter is the reason this technology is gaining so much attention.

Nokia has been a big supporter of this technology and the practical applications of it for years. NFC as only recently gained attention however, with the smart phone generation using their devices for everything. Google sees a big opportunity to use this technology to pay for everything from retailers and services. Similar to the way credit cards have the pay pass, you would wave your device in front of a sensor which would communicate with your device and the money would be automatically taken out of your account.

There is a lot of money to be made in this department if this technology catches on for it could take the place credit card companies. Apple are perfectionist though and want their products perfect. This being said, there is no industry standard in NFC which is most likely why Apple has chosen to leave it out of the next iPhone and perfect NFC by their own means.

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