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Apple White iPhone 4 Release Date Rumored

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white Apple iPhone 4CUPERTINO, USA – Many iPhone users have longed for the day Apple would offer color choices on the iPhone like they do on most IPods. Well their wait may soon be over as it has been confirmed via Twitter that Apple will be releasing a white IPhone this Spring.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP of marketing, recently answered an IPhone users tweet about a white phone stating that Apple does in fact plan on releasing a white iPhone this Spring. But with the answer he opened up a world of questions.

Which iPhone would be released in the white color was never specified. It could be, as unlikely as this may be, the 3Gs. Most likely it’s the iPhone 4 but if that’s the case will the white version be available on Verizon and AT&T or would it be an exclusive to one carrier. Giving Spring as a time frame is a pretty vast window of time and can be mean different things to different people. The iPhone 5 will most likely launch in June so it could be the iPhone 5 would be available in black and white.

Whatever the case may be, long suffering iPhone users who really yearn for a white back will get their color choice soon enough. It’s just a matter of which iPhone the choice will come on.

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