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Rovio Release St Patty’s Day Angry Birds

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Angry Birds SeasonsESPOO, Finland – Rovio has released their latest update to the smash hit game Angry Birds. As one could guess, the newest update is Angry Birds Seasons St Patrick’s Day.

Angry Birds is insanely popular and is an app that flourishes no matter what the platform. Most would agree that the best part of the seasons updates is the addition to new levels. It’s nice to see a developer that is firmly planted behind their product.

The new update crams every Irish item imaginable into the game. The pigs have been made up to look like leprechauns, there a clovers plastered throughout the levels and the music is very Irish in nature.

The app available now in your respected OS’ market. Like the rest of the Angry Bird series the app is free. Keep an eye out for Angry Birds Rio which is going to be available exclusively through Amazon’s app market.

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