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HTC Incredible S/2 Images Leaked

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HTC Incredible 2GLOBAL – There has been a lot of rumors swirling lately about sequels to some of the best selling phones of last year. Recently the Droid X2 and the Incredible S or Incredible 2 have been at the forefront of these rumors. We finally have some photos of the Android powered HTC Incredible 2.

These images show a phone fairly similar to the original HTC Droid Incredible. The back looks very much like its older brother raised center and lower border around it. The screen has been upgraded to a 4 inch Super LCD screen. Probably a smart move since the shortage of AMOLED screens really hurt the initial sales of the original Incredible.

It is also rumored that the device will ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and have HTC Sense overlay on the device. Sense is HTC’s signature software integrated with the Android OS and makes everything from social networking to checking the time and weather not only easier but much prettier. Other upgrades include an 8MP camera and a front facing camera. There will also be 4GB of internal storage on the phone.

The processor, however, seems to be the same Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as the original Incredible. Also, the phone is only 3G and does not look like it will support LTE 4G. Both of these items can be video as pros or cons. The Snapdragon is a speedy chip and it handled the original version very well. Without a dual core processor or 4G, the battery is bound to have better life but this device may not appeal to a large part of consumers who want the latest and greatest device.

The launch date of this device is still unknown. Pricing for the device has yet to be set either, although it to be a less expensive alternative to the HTC Thunderbolt since the latter features a bigger screen and 4G capabilities.The device will be a Verizon-exclusive and most likely part of the Droid family.

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