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Chief Marketing Officer Leaving BlackBerry-Maker RIM

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Keith Pardy RIM BlackBerry CMOWATERLOO, CanadaKeith Pardy, the Chief Marketing Officer at RIM is leaving the company. The announcement comes as a surprise about a month before the expected launch of the BlackBerry Playbook, the company’s answer to the tablet market lead by Apple’s iPad.

Pardy came to RIM by way of Nokia and Coca-Cola in 2009. He was at Nokia from 2004 and spent 17 years with Coca-Cola before that. At RIM, he was responsible for the BlackBerry Brand’s health and wellbeing. Rim has been in a tough spot, pitted against the Apple iPad and the launch of the Google backed Android’s over the last two years. The iPad has generated a lot of buzz and sales hitting on pent up demand for a useful tablet device. Android is going right after the established BlackBerry market base with a glitzy operating system and a plethora of apps.

The Playbook is BlackBerry’s answer to the iPad and Android based tablets. It is an important launch for BlackBerry brand and for RIM. Is the Playbook an iPad killer? Probably not. Is it a useful device that matches with current BlackBerry user’s devices and use models? Probably yes.

There has not been further word on a replacement for Pardy.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Mar 6th, 2011 GMT +2


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