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BlackBerry Playbook Gets Release Date

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BlackBerry Playbook tablet hands-onWATERLOO, Canada – April 10th, 2011. That is the day set by RIM to launch the BlackBerry Playbook.

The Playbook is the long awaited BlackBerry answer to the Apple iPad. The Playbook is smaller and more connected, it has a USB port to attach other devices to, especially the user’s BlackBerry smartphone. That is how the Playbook connects to the cellular network. It is also Wi-Fi capable.

There are still a few questions left to answer about the Playbook, we don’t know about battery life, or what the final operating system will be. Is it the iPad killer, or will the competition from Apple and other contenders push the Playbook aside?

Time will tell. There are plans for further versions of the Playbook that will have the cellular radio built in, either LTE or HSPA+. There is also talk of integrating Android apps into the Playbook platform, which would open a world of new applications and generate excitement around the device.

The Playbook will be available at “various” retail outlets. Expectations are for lines at the shops, it will be very interesting to see how much pent up demand there is for this device.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Mar 4th, 2011 GMT +2


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