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Hack Sees iOS Users Play PS3 Games

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everyAir PS3 games on iPhoneGLOBAL – Apple isn’t going to be too happy about all of the hacks that are going on, and here we are with yet another hack which will add another straw to the proverbial camel’s back, although it won’t break it just yet. This hack will let users play PS3 titles over on iOS devices, although the process is not as easy as it sounds and will involve a fair number of technical wizardry and knowledge.

After all, users will need to have their own capture device, input converter, USB mouse and keyboard, a PC, and the most essential ingredient of them all – the Sony PlayStation 3. These devices will work in tandem with a custom build of everyAir, letting users make their input while checking out exactly what the PS3 is displaying. Great for a novelty moment, but not practical when it comes to serious gaming.

Since the process takes more than two steps, I cannot test it by myself myself, especially since the custom build of everyAir isn’t even available to the public yet.

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By , International Correspondent on Mar 2nd, 2011 GMT +2


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