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Nokia N950 MeeGo Smartphone in the Pipeline

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New Meego UI user interfaceESPOO, Finland – Despite the shift towards Windows Phone 7, Nokia will still ship a MeeGo smartphone this year, the successor to the N900, called the Nokia N950.

We don’t have a photo of the device yet, but Nokia gave reassurances that it is committed to MeeGo, Symbian, Qt and S40 too. The new smartphone will be the successor of the Nokia N900. Nokia said that the new model will have “very elegant” hardware and interesting UI. The rumors on N950 started doing rounds after Nokia’s CTO Rich Green’s talk at Nokia’s Developer Day.

Earlier, we got to know about a rumoured Nokia handset scheduled to launch at 2011 Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, but Nokia announced its alliance with Microsoft and the shift in focus to Windows Phone 7 platform. The company also announced that it will continue its projects on MeeGo, but much of the market took it as a mere marketing strategy.

During the Nokia Developer Day talk, Green hinted that the N950 would be aimed as a platform for developing Qt apps rather for the common customers, which makes it seem as if Nokia still focusses on Qt development for both Symbian and MeeGo.

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By , International Correspondent on Mar 1st, 2011 GMT +2


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