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White iPhone 4 Heading to Vodafone Germany

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Vodafone Germany white iPhone 4BERLIN, Germany – The long awaited white iPhone 4 has been spotted on Vodafone Germany’s inventory, possibly indicating an imminent release.

In terms of specifications, there is nothing special about this variant of Apple’s smartphone, the features continue unchanged, the software has not received any alterations, and the price should be pretty much the same. The major news is the material and balance needed to achieve the perfect white colour and the¬†look that the Cupertino electronics giant wishes to provide its customers – after all, design was the key for the first iPhone’s success.

In June, 2010, Apple confirmed that it was facing difficulties in the production of the handset, and delayed its release to the second half of July of the same year, a release that hasn’t happened since. In October of the same year, Reuters received information that the white smartphone would be once again delayed, this time all the way to Spring of 2011, which should start in February or March (northern hemisphere).

The speculation remains on whether the problem is simply relating to the white paint or material needed for the device, or if is causing light to leak into the camera as a result of its design. Neither Apple nor its manufacturing partners have commented on the issue.

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Jan 18th, 2011 GMT +2


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