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Samsung Ch@t 322 with Dual-SIM Announced

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Samsung Ch@t Chat 322 press imageSEOUL, South Korea – The new Samsung Ch@t 322 is one phone that is a boon for the busy professional, with the ease of QWERTY keyboard and support for two SIM cards, it is sure a winners game for the consumer.

The main advantage that lies in a dual SIM phone would be the flexibility it gives the consumer to choose between two connections, and using it wisely according to the plans of each network provider.

The optical trackpad on the handset responds very well together with the QWERTY keyboard, and gives the option of customization of shortcuts. According to Samsung, the Ch@t 322 it is very easy to be connected to social networking, with round-the-clock access to Facebook, Twitter with an options galore.

The auto-pull email feature gives the consumer a push-email feeling, by notifying about new emails and preventing the use of frequent checking of the inbox. Even Facebook and Twitter updates will be available on the home screen.

Samsung has steadily, with its smart policy planning, started to capture every market segment, with a host of phones catering to each and every individual user.

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