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Sexting a Thing of the Past with Next iPhone

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iPhone sexting patentWASHINGTON, USA – Apple has some of the most desirable intellectual property in the technology scene, but the recent patent awarded to the giant behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad is revolutionary and really a first.

The patent, entitled Text-based communication control for personal communication device, was filled by the Cupertino company in January, 2008, and was awarded on Tuesday 12th October, 2010 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The technology is yet to be implemented on handsets being shipped, but once functional, it will allow administrators and parents to set permission levels on the iPhone, preventing children from reading and sending messages with explicit words, widely known as sexting. Any message that contains unauthorized text would either be censored or completely omitted before reaching the recipient. Parents would also be allowed to be alerted whenever their child involves in sexting.

The technology also will notify if there is a grammatical error in the message being sent; this would help children brush up on their grammar and vocabulary. Until now, the patent awarded to the giant only includes omission of text and not images, but soon even that maybe a part of the revolutionary iPhone.

This is yet another move forward to family-friendly Apple, with all sexually-explicit content being taken off the App Store. The technology is a boon, as text messages are increasing in popularity amongst the youth.

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