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Palm Pre 2 Coming Soon to France

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SFR France Palm Pre 2 webOS 2PARIS, France – Network operator SFR has confirmed on its official website the launch of the Palm Pre 2.

Considering the fact that HP, who owns Palm, has been very tight-lipped about the launch. The highlight of the handset would be the power under the hood. The smartphone will house a 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM. The design department will not witness any major changes, The outlook of the handset would be similar to the Pre 1, but it is expected to sport a flatter screen display, probably made of glass.

The handset has done away with the door USB mechanism, and will now house an exposed microUSB port. The finishing on the sides are now in matte finish, which previously was glossy, and gave a more of a plastic feel.

The Palm Pre 2 will be integrated with webOS 2.0. The most noted advantage of this upgrade will be faster boot times. The SFR website also pointed out that WebOS 2.0 will be featuring Facebook push integration with messages, wall posts, events and chat.

Palm Pre 2 specs

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