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HTC Desire HD, Desire Z Fail Test, Release Delayed

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HTC Desire HDTAOYUAN, Taiwan – There has been a delay in the launch of a major release by HTC, the Desire HD and Desire Z.

The smartphones were expected to be in consumers’ hands in early October, but now the release date has been moved to somewhere towards the end of October. The reason for this delay is the Google TA (type approval). This is a test which is done on all the Android smartphones. Consumers who pre-booked their handsets were given this reason, which is the same when the HTC Desire got delayed.

The Google TA is a procedure that ensures that the handset meets a certain sets of minimum requirements before being launched in the market. The actual reason for the two HTC handsets failing the Google TA have not been revealed, and with the release of Windows Phone 7, Google is trying its level best to avoid any negative news surrounding handsets operating on Android.

Due to this delay, many customers have cancelled their bookings, and have placed orders with other retailers.

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