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Sony Develops 16 Megapixel Phone Camera Sensor

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Sony 16 megapixel camera phone sensorsMINATO, Japan – The increase in productivity and multi-tasking ability of the cellphones today has been a constant upgrade process of the manufactures to create path-breaking technologies. Based on this, Sony has come up with a ground-breaking prototype in the mobile camera market.

The technology company  introduced two camera sensors intended for cellphones, the Sony Exmor R IMX081PQ and the Exmor R IMX105PQ, supporting a massive 16.41 megapixel and a decent 8.13 megapixel, respectively. These sensors are also the smallest in size in the bracket they belong to; based on CMOS technology, and  back-illuminated.

The back-illumination technology has enabled for higher sensitivity and low noise in the final pictures. The sensors support recording of Full HD video (1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps). Each of the CMOS sensor has a matching lens fixture, with both supporting a focal length of 28mm.

Sony has implemented a unique formulation of photo diodes designed for fine pixel structure to get optimum results out from the lens. The back-illuminated technology will help in the optimum use and exposure to light, which is not that efficient in front-illuminated structures.

The shipping of the two lenses will being early next year, and hopefully, the mobile camera scene will witness an even higher level of intense competition.

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