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Three Samsung Waves Crashing on the Market

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Samsung Wave 533 BadaSEOUL, South Korea – Samsung has created waves in the mobile scenario with the introduction of the range of touchscreen Bada-based smartphones.

Now it is no surprise with the extensive launches, that Samsung plans to dominate every price bracket out in the competition market, and so once again, the manufacturer has done it. There will be an introduction of three new Samsung Wave models.

The three Samsung models are Wave 525, Wave 533 and Wave 575. All the handsets will share  3.2″ Wide-QVGA screen, 100MB of internal memory, expandable memory via a microSD slot, and music players with SoundAlive equalizers. The phones run on the Bada platform.

The form factor comprises of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for the Wave 533, and bar shape for the Wave 525 and 575. On the connectivity front, both the Wave 525 and Wave 533 are limited to Edge, while the Wave 575 is packaged with 3G and HSDPA connectivity options. They will also support the latest TouchWiz 3.0 user interface, Dolfin 2.0 browser, and access to the Samsung Apps store.

Samsung Wave 575 Bada

Pricing has not be revealed yet by Samsung as the availability is only in Russia at the moment, and slowly would expand to the other markets.

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