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Motorola Milestone Zooms Past with Ferrari Edition

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Motorola Milestone Ferrari editionSCHAUMBURG, USA РMotorola and its partnership with the Italian supercar maker Ferrari is a very popular one, with Motorola launching Ferrari-edition cellphones in the past. This time the company have gone ahead and revamped its Milestone model with a Ferrari  badge, in all-gloss Ferrari signature red.

Basically, this model has been produced in limited quantities for Ferrari, and is being gifted to members of the board and certain important customers.

The specifications of the Motorola Milestone Ferrari edition are the same as the original smartphone, so there are no advancements in the package. The features being a 3.7″ capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 480×854 pixels, a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera with and dual LED flash.

The connectivity options are impressive for the social networking junkie on the go, with support of HSPDA speed up to 10.2mbps, HSUPA speed up to 5.76mbps, and Wi-Fi.

The Ferrari edition Milestone will come with 133MB of internal storage, 256MB of RAM, expandable storage via a microSD memory card slot, supporting up to 32GB. The phone, unlike the Italian cars, won’t be as powerful under the hood as higher-end models, as it operates on a ARM Cortex A8 600MHz chip running on Android 2.0.

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